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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

A Discus Story

I am and have been for a very long time both a Salt and Fresh Water Aquarium Keeper. My last Salt Water tank was taken down two years ago. ( we get busy in life)

One of my all time favorites is the Discus, which I hope  to get back to keeping/breeding one day in the near future.

Memories of Marc Weiss.

I was about 16 years old when I came into contact with Mr.Weiss. He has gone on to being a Top Breeder and Expert in the Aquarium World. I hear he is now located here in Florida. Marc's phone number had been given to my by a local Pet Store owner in NYC. I thought great I can go directly to the breeder, but a fish farm in NYC? lol Marc was very kind over Telephone and I made arrangements to meet him at his NYC apartment/fish farm. Quite an unexpected surprise, the door man opened the door, the gentleman at the desk phoned up to confirm my visit. I went up in the elevator to the door and surprise! Luxury apartment? well it had the bones, but inside wall to wall tanks with dirty yellowish brown water. My first thought was " Damn what dirty tanks lol" Marc then explained to me that discus prefer to Breed/Live in water with very low ph Peat Moss pellets were added to the filtration system to keep the ph low. What followed was a 45 minute conversation in which this man told me more about keeping healthy Discus then anything I have read since. I purchased 25 small Discus from Mr.Weiss that day and stocked my hundred gallon tank. 11 lived to be full size beautiful adults. I tried to contact Marc about 6 months later...his phone was dis-connected. I went to the building and was told at the desk that Mr.Weiss had sold all stock and moved. He certainly has done very well in his field and I am forever grateful for the time he took to advise me. Maybe I will look him up here in Florida and get a new tank going. I certainly do recommend you Google him if you are going to keep Discus. He now has a full line of Aquarium products also.


Olivera VELKOVA said...

...Lovely...Discus was my favourite since childhood )))) I always kept sweet & salty water aquariums, both tanks & crystal balls...I was very upset when my big, white Discus gone ill and died...I was around 13 as I remember, I was very upset for loosing him in a such a painful way, especially because I was looking after him for the entire duration of the treatment...The worse moments were when he was loosing balance..oh just horrible xxx
Anyway - in my future HOUSE - it was since always designed (as I'm an Architect) to be an entire WALL-TANK (somewhere btwn the living room area & dining...) of hum..probably salty water aquarium...; They are more exotic/acid colours...and it's such a joy observing them..better than a TV that's for sure ! lol x
Note : Crystall ball with 2 fishes - optional, on the desk. My working desk :)
* Conclusion : Aquariums r just perfect for detachment from reality and getting in touch with nature, with your inner instincts.. As I love the ocean - I got to live near-by, or at least have some water-tank in the house (apart of the one in my bathroom - very important the size of that tank as
Moreover, I like your subject as it is very unusual and not "in medias res" theme..but that's why it's attractive...Details make all the difference ;)!

LadieJaye and Elegance Boutique said...

Beautiful photos I've always wanted an aquarium..but have always had cats that would love getting into trouble, though I don't have them now anymore.